Mr. Roberto Arellano Crespo, partner of this firm, is empowered as Public Commercial Broker number 9 of Aguascalientes.

In this sense, Mr. Arellano is authorized to act as public attestor for: i) contracts, agreements, bonds and other securities emissions, licenses and mortgages on vessels and aircrafts, equipment and working capital loans, as well as any other act or fact of commercial nature; and ii) incorporation and dissolution of commercial companies, meetings of shareholders, mergers, demergers and granting of legal powers.

Additionally, they may act as: i) Appraisers of movable goods (machinery and equipments, vessels –that is, in matters of damage insurance-, trademarks, services and enterprises, as well as appraisers of real estates –that is, in matters of appraisals for setting the value of those real estates intended for warranting tax credits-; and ii) Arbiter for solving controversies in commercial matters.